BRINDLE & WHYTE is a brand from England. And it all started when her founder adopted a rescue Greyhound... This lucky dog became her main inspiration and now is testing all the products! And by products I mean beautiful sets of collars and leashes really well designed and very practical for Greyhounds. And the best thing is that you can choose between 13 colors! Yeah! I like a lot the Lofoten collection (on the picture) because it's simply made with high quality materials, it seems to be super soft and comfortable for the dog, and I find the big silver pieces really nice, it looks like a jewel to me! Collar also adopted by me! 


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HIRO+WOLF is a beautiful story from UK. The story of two great humans beings who decided to work together to bring together East London and East Africa, humans and animals, sustainability and quality design. What can I say...? I am in love with their positive aura. They actually create wonderful accessories for pets and humans, with material from Africa, but produced in London. And in everything they do, you can appreciate a lot of colors and patterns thats brings pure joy in your day! And because the spring is here, colors are welcome, african patterns also give you a great feeling of travel and escape. A must-have to start the sunny season!


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PJAY'S is a super nice german brand that creates mostly collars and leashes. They mix perfectly the fashion design and their love of dogs. Their products are made with passion and they have only one (but perfect) collection that they decline in a lot of different colors and materials so you can choose the one that fits with your mood of the moment or with the season! I love so much the "simplicity" of the design, it's just elegant and beautiful! All you need is to put it around your dog's neck! And because they offer all the collars in 5 sizes and wides, you can pick the widest one for your greyhound, it's perfect! I need one for my Whippet! Now! Hehe ;)


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Middle picture by Life of Fergie.


BROTT was born in 2010 in Barcelona, Spain. They create dog collars and leashes, and they have a great collection of martingale collars for Greyhounds (they are more large than for other dogs). All their products are handmade with love and care, using a beautiful selection of colors and patterns with high quality materials. Their inspiration comes from their two own adopted Galgos who were the lucky ones to wear the very first collars! And now, they sale them worldwide! What a great job! I am really fan, and even more fan when I discovered  that they also donate 5% of their benefits to animal shelters. Love them!

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WALK IN THE BARK is a Canadian maker of high quality dog's collars and leashes. They come in so many different colors and patterns that it's almost impossible to choose only one! Buckles are available in silver or gold, and in different sizes, which defines also the size of the collar. Four our lovely Italian Greyhound, for example, the largest size is the best. And what I find super cute from this brand, is that they also create keychains that fit with your dog's collar and leash (using the same pattern), so it's the perfect match! Spring is coming, so it's time to go out with a bit more colors now! Check their shop!


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Middle picture by Roo the Whippet.


SOIMA is a clothes brand from Japan, and only for Italian Greyhounds. I have to admit that usually i am not a big fan of all these "one-piece" clothes for dogs, but this collection is a perfect balance between practical, simple, and a nice touch of fashion design. I like a lot the coloring and the cut of the clothes. I would recommend it to all the Italian Greyhound's owners! The winter is not over yet, and their beautiful skinny bodies need a little help to stay warm, so why not being super stylish at the same time? I say yes!


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hound collection: scarfs.

HOUND COLLECTION is a trendy brand from Toronto, Canada, that creates with love and passion: collars, collar's charms, leashes, and... scarfs! They are definitely my favorite pieces! It's impossible in few lines to describe you all their products, and how beautiful they look, so I decided to focus only on the scarfs. And they can fit to all the breeds of dogs! I am pretty sure that one of these scarfs would give an (even more) elegant touch to our lovely greyhounds! They have more than 15 different models, in a lot of different colors and patterns! Not only black (even if the black ones are my favorites! hehe). Oh I can already imagine my sweet Phoebe with it...!


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Middle picture by JEDI THE IGGY.


UP DOG TOYS. The "Odin" toy is a modern, modular puzzle toy created in Seattle, USA. It's a beautiful toy (or should I say "piece of design"?) that will still look good in your house when it just lays around on the floor or on the sofa. It is totally fun for your dog and easy to use (for humans hehe!): you just need to put some treats inside and then your dog has to turn it around and use his brain to let the treats escape! And what seems to be even more fun is that you can connect more of them together and add to the difficulty. Come on! Challenge your dog! And because on this page, I give a lot of importance to the animal protection, UP DOG TOYS give 1% of all purchases to their local animal sanctuary. Great! I love it and absolutely want my Phoebe to try it!


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MADZAG is an urban dog fashion brand from Budapest, Hungary. The story of this brand could pretty much be my story too, the creator of the brand is a designer who decided to put her skills and her good taste in a new project: creating dog´s collars, leashes and harnesses. And I have to admit that the result is really beautiful. Being a graphic designer myself, I can see her graphic touch and I like it. A great proof that when you can design something you can design everything, and if you add love to it, then it becomes simply perfect. I put one of these whippet collars on my wish-list.


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MISTER J DOG is a Spanish brand founded by a young optimist team of designers. They are inspired by their adopted Galgo (Spanish Greyhound) and they do a lot of personalized products (collars with name). On their website you can find everything to please your four-legs friend: collars (for Greyhounds and other dogs), leashes, scarves, bow ties... I have to admit that I love all the checked-pattern scarves so much that I would even buy them for myself! For the jackets, you need to contact them per email and they will make a unique jacket that fits perfectly to your dog. MISTER J DOG also give 5% of their profit to an animal protection association and try to use as much as possible recycled materials and low energy machines. Great initiative and beautiful products! The transparent rain jacket is already on my wish-list for my Whippet!


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LEAD THE WALK is a online shop (with owners based in London, UK) that offers you a lot of different products to fil your pet's wardrobe. They select the best collars, leads, harnesses, coats, sweaters, snoods, bandanas, hats, etc... from all around the world and offer them to you. You have the choice between more than 15 designers and a lot of sizes (so it fits perfectly to your beloved pet). The hardest part is to decide what you prefer! Even if for me, it's easy, I fell madly in love with this black jacket for Whippet (similar model in grey and dark red for other dog's breeds also available). I absolutely need to get it for my dog, I know she has already some winter jackets, but... between you and me... one more stylish jacket would be great! or?


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Here we go, K9 APPAREL, from USA. They have an amazing list of coats and clothes for dogs with a really simple but elegant design. It is a great quality and they offer clothes that fit exactly to each breed of dogs. Every greyhound owner knows the problem to find a coat that fits perfectly to their dog's long body with big ribs and tiny belly. K9 APPAREL adapts every clothe for the body shape of your dog, it makes it very comfortable for them and very efficient too. And to give you some examples, they do clothes for: Beagle, Boxer, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Bulldog, Great Dane, Greyhound, etc... And you can get for your beloved the perfect outfit for every season of the year and also combine them together, from the tummy warmer to the winter coat, and from booties to rain coats. The same about colors, you can choose between black, brown, blue, violet, red, pink... Well, I really recommend this brand, and my dog Phoebe (Whippet) is wearing a tummy warmer and a winter coat during the cold months here in Berlin, and she feels great with it! So, check it out online, do your shopping and I promise you, you won't be disappointed.


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dogsnug: superhero coat + poop bag holder.

With DOGSNUG get ready to dress your dogs like hero. Well, aren't they all heroes anyway? I think they are. This brand from London, UK, decided to associate quality, beauty and function. The result is surprising and incredibly elegant. They are inspired by their adventurous Whippet but their handmade coats can also fit for other breeds, so don't be scared, and start a new day with a superhero-dog, you will see, life gets more fun like this!


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LE ROIY is a lovely brand from Germany, around Cologne. All their collars are handmade with love and care. They have a little but cute collection of collars in different materials like this one in jean's, or in tweed, or in leather. You can also make your personalized collar and choose between the large shape collar (for Greyhounds) or the straight shape (for other dogs). I really like the jean's collar, that is really made out of old jean's, which is a great initiative of recycling! And also, if you have a special wish, like having the jean's button from a particular brand, you can simply ask them!


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TAILS DIVISION is really a brand that I recommend. They are based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and all their products are handmade, with a delicate design, a fair production and a fair price as well. I have to say that I am totally in love with the collection of cotton and rope leashes. I got a black cotton leash with brown leather handle for my dog, and I was so pleased to receive it in a beautiful box. I had a x-mas feeling, and well, after few months using it now, it's still like a gift, it's still a pleasure to use it every day. The leash has been split in a traditional dutch sailor style, by hand, and it really gives a unique touch to it. I am thinking about getting the keys holder that looks similar to the handle of the leash... Don't forget to check the rest of their products, like collars, beds, poop-bag dispensers and... keys holders!


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SLEEP AND HOUND is a dog-wear brand from Austria, specialized in all kind of Greyhounds clothes: Whippets, Italian Greyhounds, Galgos, etc...

They have few pieces of jackets and collars but their big thing is: the pull-over. They are all handmade and available in more than 10 sizes so you can find the one that fits perfectly to your dog. They are really beautiful and look like human's pull-over, it even gives me the feeling of a pull-over made by my grand-mother close the fireplace... They seem to be really cosy and because the winter is not over yet, let's please ourselves and our beloved four-legs friends with some warm and cute "wool-hugs".


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HAPPY STAFFY.ME is a small studio based in Berlin, Germany, that designs dog clothing on-demand (so, it would also fit to our lovely greyhound's bodys!) HAPPY STAFF-ME is writing a beautiful story day after day: They adopted an old dog in a shelter, and this dog became their inspiration and their model for the brand. They are also giving 5% of their profits to associations, to keep helping dogs in need, who didn't found a family yet. Speaking about the design of their clothes, it is absolutly perfect, they create for dogs our favorite pieces of clothes like the super chic trench jacket, or the bombers from our teenager hood  or different cool sweaters. Well, I want them all! And remember... adopt, don't shop.


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