LIFE OF FERGIE is an Instagram account about a cutie Italian greyhound living in South Africa. This little grey dog is a perfect model, always posing with elegance to show us her new accessories, or simply to show us her natural beauty! And because the spring is just arriving, I decided to select these pictures with flowers, first of all because it fits her so good, and because I think we all need a little bit of tenderness sometimes, so here it is! Enjoy it!





BERYLSMUM is an Instagram account about 3 great dogs: Frankie, beryl and Asher. Two of them are Greyhounds! They live in New Zealand and share with us their amazing life in such a beautiful country! They mostly run free and play into the wild nature, on the sea side, etc... and of course they also have sometimes a lazy nap on the sofa! (All Greyhound's owner can confirm how lazy they can be, hehe!). The coloring of the pictures and the beauty of the landscapes offer to use, visitors, a great feeling of escape, peace and freedom. A must watch!




AFGHAN LUNA is an Instagram account about this wonderful Afghan Hound female from Spain, Luna. Most of the pictures are taken on the beach, with her very long wet hair, what a beauty! I have to admit that I am jealous of her hairstyle, hehe! Every single picture of this lovely dog makes me fall more and more in love with this breed of Greyhound. If you don't know it so good, check out these pictures and you will not resist to this charm anymore!




LINDAEN is a beautiful Instagram account from Norway. If you love wild landscapes, Greyhounds and Irish Wolfhounds, this account is made for you! It's such a pleasure to follow all these dog's adventures (+ other guest dogs hehe!) in this amazing country that is Norway. It is really magical, and if this wonderful trip is like a dream, then, please let's not wake up! What a feeling of escape! And... if you look carefully, you will recognize our friends from Haggisen! A great team all together! So... ready to follow?




WHIPPET SALE is a nice series of pictures from Wilma and Hettie, two gorgeous Whippets from Germany, mostly in colors but also some in black and white. These two cuties are playing wild together on the beach, in the forest, on grass field, etc... and they have so much fun that we also share this pleasure while looking at them, we almost feel the action in "live"! If you are a Whippet owner like me, and only have one Whippet, this will make you consider the idea of taking a second one! (It's never too much Whippets around! or?).


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HAGGIS AND GATSBY are two wonderful Irish Wolfhound. And if you didn't know it before, this breed is a part of the Greyhound breed. The Irish Wolfhound is one of the biggest dog's breed. And how beautiful! If you want to travel Norway with them, please follow their Instagram account: amazing landscapes, impressive beasts (yes, I speak about these dogs!) and pictures full of poesy will give you the feeling to be in another world for a moment. A real pleasure! And when I see these two doggies, almost as big as me, I really want to hug them! Please enjoy, follow them!




HOUSE OF THE HOUND is a beautiful Instagram account from Bangkok, Thailand. It's the story of four Italian Greyhounds, being models and posing for cute pictures on the sofa, or surrounded by flowers... They also try on some bow ties or little pull-overs. What can I say... It's "cuteness overload" and it's good to start the day watching some of their pictures. It's like a puppy's hug, it melts my heart. Please have a look!



ziggy the blue whippet.

ZIGGIE THE BLUE WHIPPET is simply like a dream. He has an Instagram account and so we can see him growing day by day. It all begins with pictures from him when he was a puppy, and, what a cutie puppy! These pictures of him everyday are always in the same coloring tones, which, as graphic designer, I really appreciate, and also, I give you the challenge to find someone who doesn't fall immediately in love with this adorable creature! Oh... what else can I say, follow him and you will be addicted! (please don't tell my Whippet that I am so in love with this one too!)




YO GALGO is a documentary project about the situation of the Galgos (Spanish Greyhounds) in Spain. If you check the website, you can read in some words what is the problem in Spain with those dogs and why it is urgent to take action. Every year, it is estimated that 50.000 (no, it's not a mistake in the number... 50.000!) Galgos are abandoned or killed in the name of an old hunting tradition... But I will not give more details about this drama here, because here I want to share love and hope, so I want to celebrate the beautiful work of YO GALGO. Doing a short movie and taking beautiful pictures about his own rescue dog and also other Galgos, YO GALGO shows us why this breed deserves all our love and respect. Their soul and their body are beautiful and as I always say when I speak about greyhounds : when you look at them in the eyes, it seems like they carry all the drama of the world. And in a way, they do, they carry the drama of their own breed. Let's be aware of this situation, let's spread the message and let's adopt them to offer them a better future. You will see, with such an elegant, loyal, lovely creature in your life, your own world will also be better. ADOPT, DON'T SHOP. And, if you just want to admire their beauty, follow the Instagram account!


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PAUL CROES was used to be a fashion photographer in Belgium for 15 years, and now he is taking a lot of dog's pictures. His work is a real beauty, always on black background, and sometimes with strong light contrast, that reminds me of old paintings. He is capturing every special emotion of the dogs, and we have sometimes the feeling that some of them are posing and know exactly how good they look! But still, they seem to act so natural and having a lot of fun in from of the camera (especially when soap bubbles are around!). A lot of them are rescue dogs, different kinds of rescue greyhounds too, and I appreciate this a lot, that a photographer chooses to show the beauty of every dog, and changes the image that people have from rescue dogs. So if you love dogs and photography, please have a look! It's real pleasure for the eyes!


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MARTIN USBORNE is half human and half angel. And, as a bonus, he has amazing skills as photographer. How can I write all this in a short version? I just discovered him and his engagement and I could speak hours about it, so fascinated that I am already! He has a beautiful heart and uses his art for an hard cause: animal welfare. These pictures are from a book he published to report about the situation of Galgos in Spain, but he brings it in a really poetic way that we could almost forget the reality (sometimes I wish that all this drama is just a nightmare and that I will wake up...).

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If I speak about him, I have, of course, to speak about his project "A YEAR TO HELP: How many animals can 1 man save in 365 days?". Well I think that the title is clear, what can he does, and what can we all do to protect animals, and not only dogs...? I recommend you to check all this, and you can be a little part of this big project by buying books or pictures (some money is given to associations). Personally, I really need one of these black greyhound's portraits, oh, the one looking down is such a beauty, it melts my heart! Totally in love with MARTIN USBORNE's initiative and work. That's what I call a real "monsieur". Merci.

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